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So you want to be a model?

So you want to be a model? The first thing you need to look into is the area you wish to model in.

First off lets look at Catwalk modelling. Fashion is directed mostly at female customers, but guys fashion has certainly taken 
off with men looking more at their appearances both in looks, the gym and fashion. Catwalk modelling applied to both male and female models. 
Catwalk modelling relates to fashion and clothing, all the way down to body parts. Parts of the body you ask? Sure.

You can model watches to socks if you have a shapely arm or leg. You may have beautiful feet and legs and specialize in
modeling shoes or pantyhose. A nice hand or slender neck will allow you to model jewelry such as rings or bracelets or necklaces.
The most models chosen would work modelling at fashion shows, catalogs and that sort of thing, wearing clothes and hats, shoes, underwear etc

In the eighties the models of the day became the supermodels you read about now in the magazines. They earned vast fortunes and 
some wouldn't even get out of bed for under ten grand. They had their faces on bill boards all over the world and were the names of the top 
clothing designers of the day such as Valentino, Armani,YSL,Victoria Secrets to name but a few.

These days the fashion houses have moved away form the normal shaped women for a "Heroine Waif" style of model in the 2000's. The very thin skinny models became the new faces of fashion. So can you see what I mean here, and where I am going with this?

The faces of fashion change on a whim and if you fit what the designers envisage for their clothes you may be lucky enough to get work. The ladies for cat walking are the taller models. Models such as Sophie Dahl are near six feet tall with out heels.

Next on the list are the glamour models. This range from lads mags to page three topless. The ladies who model here are usually a shorter stature. Although that doesn't necessarily have to be the case. So if you have an out going personality and like to be semi naked to nude; art classes to lingerie modelling; this is the usual genre for glamour modelling. This would also include the more erotic semi adult photography. Lingerie models, top shelf lads mags to topless level. 

Fetish modelling is a side genre from glamour modelling. This encapsulates anything from smoking models to dominatrix/subservient BDSM, Latex/Leather bondage etc
The model is paid for photographs and videos relating to what the shoot involves. This could be clothed,partially, clothed or naked. Depending what is being shot, the more flexible your body especially for a bondage shoot, and also depending on how adult the shoot is; the more money the model can charge.

Adult work means just that. It shows the body in more graphic details than the erotic styles of glamour. This could encapsulate nude to open leg, toys, inserting toys, to girl/girl and boy/girl poses. Although this doesn't necessarily mean sex, usually Adult work does imply this, so you should be very specific with the photographers you shoot with as to what they want from the shoot. I wont go into the details other than you may have to work with complete strangers you know nothing about. Certain Adult actresses can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. Mostly this comes from doing hardcore pornography though. If you go this route protect yourself. Use condoms and have regular STD tests. I only include it here because it does forms a genre of modelling. Men will earn less money than females. That is the nature of this type business, because most adult film and photography is purchased by males.

You must also remember the golden rule. If you are uncomfortable with what you are asked to do. Then don't do it. Once a picture or video has been made of you and published there is no way on earth you can stop people from seeing it. The internet and social media is notorious for spreading eroticism. Once it is out it is extremely hard to get back. Please be aware of this before you even consider a shoot with anyone.

Okay. So you have decided you aren't scared of modelling and have even decided which genre to take and that you want to give it a go.

What do you need to do to become a model?

Well as I mentioned above. There are billions of people in the world and we are all different. That means that you may not be right for one photographer but right for another. 
Don't give up on your dreams.

Secondly you have to make it happen. No one will discover you unless you make the first approach or unless you are lucky enough to be friends with a photographer who knows you and makes you an offer of a shoot. 

Never expect payment at first. If you are a novice try "Time For Pictures". Photographers aren't generally miserly, but most will be amateurs to semi pro. They wont have a pocket full of cash. If you are willing to model for them, they should be willing to create for you your own model portfolio. In fact you should bargain that if you do what they want to shoot, they should do something for you. This way you both get the shots you want. 

So you want a portfolio! Whats that you ask? It is a set of very well shot photographs, shot on a fairly decent camera, tripod and light set; most likely in a studio. These will be several head and shoulder shots, to a couple of fashion shots to full length pictures. You don't need to be photographed naked. However some models may want some decent mood lit naked pictures in a titillating pose. By this I mean covering the body but showing you in erotic poses that never really expose you to the viewer. This of course is dependent on how comfortable you are and on what your genre is going to be. 

So you have got this far. So the next part is to select a good photographer. This is where you need to do some thorough research. You want a person who's work you like and wish to be a part of. Someone that takes a great picture. You want a reputable photographer. Someone who isn't going to "hit" on you. Someone who can guide you through your inexperience and who can put into words what he is looking for from you to make amazing art. 

The important bit is to have fun too. Most decent photographers will also allow you to bring a chaperone. A person who will sit back and make sure that nothing inappropriate happens to you. A friend who can guide you too. They will not have any say in how the photographer sets and lights his/her sets or how to shoot you though! The photographer will have the ultimate say on that. Again the point to note here, is that if you are uncomfortable with something please say so. Chatting about something first will be better than if you do the job in an unhappy state of mind. It will show in the pictures too! 

There is so much pressure on young adults to work hard through school, to strive to be beautiful and to have plenty of friends and be liked. Social media has made this so. It can be the route of all evil too, what with all the trolling and cyber bullying going on in the world. Remember that if your shoots appear on social media they will be hard to take off. You wont be able to stop certain criticism from the people that see the pictures. Again I have to emphasize that if you are uncomfortable or unhappy doing certain styles of picture then don't do them. 

I hope this is a useful first note for any aspiring models.  

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